The Shop

We have a true love and passion for every vintage motorcycle that comes through the door. Our main focus is making your bike as safe, and reliable as it can possibly be. In many cases, the bikes we work on are more reliable when they leave our shop than they were brand-new from the factory because of modern advances and our commitment to perfection. We have the ability to turn your ride into a reliable daily rider, a restoration, full custom or show bike. All of our outside sources have been chosen over the last decade from the best out there. Our painter, upholsterer, chrome plater, zinc plater, machinists, and powder-coater are all top notch. We have a personal relationship with all of these small businesses and together we take great care in ensuring you’re getting exactly what you want.


Performance & Repair

  • Full Tune-Up
    Typically includes new spark plugs, clean or replace air filter(s), oil/filter change, valve adjustment, cam chain adjustment, set points/electronic ignition timing, adjust and sync carburetors, check tire pressure, drive chain adjustment, check all bulbs, check charge and test-ride bike.
  • Electrical Upgrades
    We recommend an electronic ignition (eliminating points and condensors), high output Dynatek coil(s), modern, solid state regulator/rectifier, stock style custom wiring harness with new bullet connectors and brand new stock colored wires.
  • Carburetor and Fuel System Rebuilds
    Complete disassembly, deep cleaning, full rebuild with carb kits, new o-rings and floats if needed. Cosmetic restoration is also available.
  • Tires and Tubes
    We have a wide range of high-quality tires available from Bridgestone Battlax aggressive sport tires for your vintage bike to vintage style Firestones. Size and type to be recommended upon inquiry.
  • Chain and Sprockets
    We can recommend the correct sprocket ratios for your stock bike and your riding preferences. O-ring chains and heavy duty roller chains available. 
  • Front End Rebuilds
    Complete disassembly, cleaned and reassembled with new fork seals and high quality fork fluid. New fork tubes are available and cosmetic restoration is also available.
  • Engine Rebuilds 
    Top and bottom end. Complete disassembly, all parts inspected and cleaned. New pistons if needed & rings, boring, honing, valve & valve seat resurfacing, cylinder head and block resurfacing, new cam chain, rollers & tensioner, Vesrah gasket kit and reassembly. 
  • Cosmetic restoration is also available.

Customs & Restoration

  • Full Customs
    From mild to wild. You name it. We can take your concepts and work together to design and create your dream bike. 
  • Restoration
    From partial restorations to 100 pt. Concours D’Elegance show winning bikes. Brandon took home a trophy at a Concours show in Del Mar, California in 2013 for a restoration of a 1966 Honda CL77 Scrambler. When it comes to restorations, we can take it as far as you want. It all depends on your budget. 
  • Frame Modification
    We can perform any modification or repair to your frame that you’d need. From removing unnecessary tabs and mounts on your frame for a sleek vintage street bike to a weld-on hardtail for your custom chopper. We have a high-end mig welder, an oxy-acetalyne torch and a custom pipe bender so anything is possible.
  • Fabrication
    We do any small or large fabrication job you need. From custom taillight brackets, battery boxes and electrical trays all the way to custom frames, sissy bars and oil tanks.
  • Seat Pan Fabrication
    From stock restorations to very custom. We can bring your old cracked seat back to life and look 100% stock, we can trim down your stock seat pan so that it still mounts to the stock brackets, or we can make a seat that fits perfectly to your frame and butts up to the tank very cleanly. We do solo springer seats & p-pads and custom chopper seats. Our upholsterer is of the highest quality and will work to find you the vinyl or leather of your choice. 
  • Wheel Restoration
    Complete disassembly, spokes replaced (OEM or repro) or refinished (zinc-plated, chromed, etc.), hub polished or finished in powder-coat or chrome plating, rim replaced or refinished. Re-laced and trued on our truing stand. Wheel bearings packed and replaced.



    "Took the bike on my usual spin up to Spring Shores Marina and back this morning. It runs like a brand new motorcycle! I love it... I didn't realize how unstable it was before. So thanks for your quality workmanship."
    -Tom, 1974 CB750

    "Honestly anyone reading this thinking about getting a motorcycle, Brandon and his team at @rawhidecycles are truly phenomenal, not only as craftsman but also as people! The whole experience and the amount of detail and care that they put into everything is amazing. I truly feel like I’m cruising down the road on a piece of art! To top it off Brandon brought this bad boy all the way from Idaho to California and ran through all the specs with me everything I need to look out for how to kick start it literally everything.... like who does that anymore?!!"
    -Rocky, 1976 Shovelhead



    Rawhide Cycles is a full-service motorcycle shop specializing in pre-1979 Honda and pre-1985 Harley-Davidson motorcycles. We offer an extensive array of services including restorations, customs, choppers, tune-ups, engine rebuilding, performance upgrades, electrical overhauls, fabrication, and anything else you could possibly need relating to your vintage motorcycle. Aside from Honda and H-D, we also repair, build and service many other Japanese motorcycles. We constantly strive to provide excellent service, while making your motorcycle the safest and most reliable it can possibly be. We are dedicated to keeping your bike on the road and the wind in your face.

    Rawhide Cycles / Est. 2015



    Rawhide was a 1967 Ford Mustang drag car built by Dairld Wurtz Sr. of Nampa, Idaho in the late 1970’s. He built an impressive 427 big block Ford and turned Rawhide into a world record setting car that was truly innovative. In an era of bolt-on accessories and readily available upgrades, Dairld went above and beyond to build his own parts and take this former street rod to the highest level of performance. Rawhide was also a show winning car in its heyday and took home awards from the National Roadster Show in Boise, Idaho.

    R.I.P. Dairld Gean Wurtz Sr.
    July 13, 1945 - May 8, 1985