Rawhide Cycles is your one-stop shop for restorations, customs, choppers, tune-ups, engine rebuilding, performance upgrades, electrical overhauls, fabrication, or anything you could need related to your vintage motorcycle. We are dedicated to keeping your bike on the road and the wind in your face.

We are a full service motorcycle shop specializing in pre-1979 Hondas. We also service select model Yamaha, BSA and Triumph motorcycles. This is the best shop not to take your new bike.

Brandon Wurtz was born into a family of race car, hot rod and motorcycle builders. He spent the last 6 years learning the trade and the life, as an apprentice under master vintage Honda mechanic Charlie O'Hanlon. Living and working in San Francisco and Los Angeles, he developed his skills while studying the work of Honda founder, Soichiro Honda.

The dream of opening his own shop and following the footsteps of Mr. Honda all the way back to the days of studying European motorcycles in the 1950's brought Brandon and his family back to his hometown of Boise, Idaho to start Rawhide Cycles.

Rawhide Cycles / Est. 2015



Rawhide was a 1967 Ford Mustang drag car built by Dairld Wurtz Sr. of Nampa, Idaho in the late 1970’s. He built an impressive 427 big block Ford and turned Rawhide into a world record setting car that was truly innovative. In an era of bolt-on accessories and readily available upgrades, Dairld went above and beyond to build his own parts and take this former street rod to the highest level of performance. Rawhide was also a show winning car in it’s heyday and took home awards from the National Roadster Show in Boise, Idaho.

Dairld Gean Wurtz Sr. was my grandpa. July 13, 1945 - May 8, 1985 R.I.P.