6v Regulator / Rectifier for Honda 6v bikes 1960-1982

Charlie's Place

6v Regulator / Rectifier for Honda 6v bikes 1960-1982

$ 110.00

Designed and manufactured exclusively by Charlie’s Place! Our regulator rectifier is specifically design for the unique split coil stator Honda used on all their 6v models throughout the 60’s and ’70s. No other product on the market is specifically designed for this stator nor rectifies the complete output from your stator as effectively. Made in California, USA

Type 1 is designed for the following 6volt models:

All 90 models including S90, SL90, ST90, CL90, CT90 through 1978, CM91
CB/CL/SL 100/125 through 1982 CT200
XL100/125 1974-1978

Features of the 6v Regulator/Rectifier:

  • Upgrades the charging system on very early rectifier-only models by simultaneously regulating and rectifying the total stator output.
  • Also able to upgrade charging systems on other models by replacing individual regulator and rectifier with a single-unit that simultaneously regulates and rectifies the total stator output.
  • Eliminates redundant unnecessary wiring from original charging-system wiring, thereby reducing long-term potential for other problems.
  • Fits very neatly into existing rectifier bracket on all models with no modification necessary.
  • Easy to wire-in and comes with complete step-by-step instructions.
  • Superior to anything else on the market by design, our units utilize the total output from the stator thereby improving your charging system from its original configuration.

Our units are time-tested and superior to other options currently on the market; as such we offer a 1 year warranty providing all instructions are followed.  Using these units with a battery that has been compromised by the old charging system or with a stator that is not functioning properly is not advisable, as it will severely compromise the performance and longevity of the unit, and, therefore will necessarily void any and all warranties.